Welcome To Alfabetika!

Hi There!

I am Anne-Lise. The short version of the story, is that I am a playful, Norwegian mom, wife, author and illustrator living in Paris, France with my little family. As a young girl from a family with a history of Dyslexia, saying that I struggled to learn how to read and write would be putting it mildly. I was lucky to be saved by a creative teacher that suggested my parents buy me comic books. The comics gave me what I needed, they were fun and easy to understand, my confidence and interest grew. Soon I was an excellent reader despite my early struggles.

The Birth Of  An Idea:

When my niece was born, my wish was for her to never experience the difficulties I had. So how could I help her? Could I make learning fun, and awaken her curiosity? Was it possible to make learning to read more like a game? As I thought about her, ideas started to form. What if the letters themselves where the characters of the stories in the comic books? And so I started, first with the letters of her name S-O-P-H-I-E. Then the rest of alphabet, then with all the numbers.

I Promise:

To create fun, endless inspiration, tickle imaginations, awaken curiosity, and inspire magical moments, like pearls on a string, for tall ones and short ones that come my way.

-Let’s play!

The Basics:

The Basics:

Alfabetika is a Scandinavian concept based on play, exploration, the wonderful findings of neuro-science and the magical world of imagination. I believe that we learn most when we are having fun and enjoy ourselves. We all have different ideas of what fun is. Our brains are wired differently. What we all common however, is that we’re wired to remember faces.

So it is. In the world of Alfabetika, letters and numbers are not faceless and boring. They are colorful characters with personalities, faces, eyes and sometimes ears. Characters that invite little and big people alike to play, explore and discover. Magically, in that process, wonderful things happen. Curiosity is awakened, new things are learned, information is retained and warm moments are experienced.

My Special Helpers:

I have a lot of wonderful people in my life that support and encourage me daily. But in particular, this is my dream team:

My Little Monkey

My son and the quality tester on the team. This little guy makes sure that things are bent, tasted and torn. He also makes sure everyone gets at least 17 hugs a day.

Jakko the Dog

With his gentle personality, quirky habits and cute features, Jakko is the inspiration behind every single character in the Alfabetika universe.

The Husband

Being married to another designer and creative person is wonderful. Giovanni is my sounding board, and continually pushes me artistically.

My Dad

When things need to be packaged and shipped, Dad is the one who creates boxes and makes sure your order gets to its destination in pristine condition.

My Mom

Hand wraps every single poster and greeting card from Alfabetika with love. She also takes care of the Norwegian online store.